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Rest your tired feet.

Welcome to the Respite

Your feet are tired, your shoes are worn through the soles, you can feel your ribs against your skin, you can feel mud, water and grime seeping in through your clothes. Through your pores even. You can taste dirt, roots and grass in your mouth and between your teeth. It's been days since you've last seen civilization. Had a conversation with a sentient being.

You are weary. And all you can see is pine, wet grass and darkness. But wait! What's that? The smell of roast? Rays of hope in the distance? The faint sounds of camaraderie?

You dash for it.

You find an old-fashioned but inviting inn in the middle of the darkened misty glen. You see warm lights and jolly shadows in the windows. You hear the music of merriment and bagpipes from it.
You see a a faded signboard painted in green and gold hanging by the door. It reads:
Erinshaw Respite Logo by DukeWaxeye
The door looks old, battered but welcoming, like an old friend willing to let you rest your head on his lap.
You enter.

Welcome! This is the official group of the chatroom.
Erinshaw Respite
Most activities take place inside the chat. We dabble in nearly everything, from general chatting lounge to venting space to RP requests to art sharing.
Sometimes we may even hold out of chat activities like collabs and secret Jack O Lanterns.

To join the group, you should at least have visited the chatroom once.

About the Respite

Music Chamber

Group Info

Are your feet tired? Are you bored silly? Are you feeling a wee bit down and need a shoulder to cry on? Welcome! To the Erinshaw Respite!
Official group of the chatroom, ErinshawRespite!
Super Group
Until Jun 25, 2017

Founded 1 Year ago
May 20, 2015


Group Focus
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176 Members
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Your contest is:
Choose one of the songs provided and make a parody of it, you only need to change the lyrics. Let's see if you can make the parody suitable to represent the Erinshaw Respite!

:bulletpink:Start date is August 31st!
:bulletpink:End date is September 30th!

Judging results should be in by some time in October… sorry for the lack of confirmation!
(Please note all dates are in UTC+09:00, South Korea.)

Your judges are:

:bulletpink: :iconpsychedangsty: PsychedAngsty
:bulletpink: :iconpinkythepink: pinkythepink
:bulletpink: :iconskriff: Skriff
:bulletpink: :iconjyjulianwong00: jyjulianwong00 as backup judge

What are the rules?
  • You MUST belong to the group. This means you have already been sorted in the #ErinshawRespite chatroom.
  • When done with your lyrics, post is as a text deviation, then submit it to Erinshaw Respite! There should be a contest folder labeled “Parody Pandemonium”, so please turn it in there!
  • In your description, please list that your entry is for this contest and link back to this journal.
  • English, please! Ask other members in the chat for help if you need it.
  • Please keep in mind that the parody is supposed to represent Erinshaw Respite. That's, like, the whole point.
  • You may make more than one parody, but only your best one out of those has a chance of being qualified as one of the top 3.
  • If we don't get at least five entries, there's no contest.
  • No. Freaking. Plagiarizing.

  • 1st Place6 months CORE for first place (or point equivalent)
  • 2nd Place: 3 months CORE for second place (or point equivalent)
  • 3rd Place: 1 month CORE for third place (or point equivalent)

:bulletpink: Also, all top 3 winners get their parody sung by PsychedAngsty! :la:

:bulletpink: Core Membership prizes provided by pinkythepink on behalf of the Community Volunteer team, you should receive your Core Membership a few days after the winners are announced.

So… what are the songs we can choose from?

We’ve chosen a total of 16 songs for you to choose from! We have 5 K-Pop songs, 3 A-Pop songs, 2 anime openings, and 6 Disney songs. We tried to choose the songs that you might be able to parody easily for the Respite.

:bulletgreen: U-Go-Girl sung by Hyori Lee (ft. Nassun)
:bulletgreen: MAMA sung by EXO-K
:bulletgreen: HUH sung by 4MINUTE
:bulletgreen: Mr. Simple sung by Super Junior
:bulletgreen: Hoot sung by Girls' Generation

:bulletgreen: International Love sung by Pitbull (ft. Chris Brown)
:bulletgreen: Worth It sung by Fifth Harmony (ft. Kid Ink)
:bulletgreen: We Will Rock You sung by Queen

:bulletgreen: Super Driver (2nd opening for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
:bulletgreen: One Reason (opening for Deadman Wonderland)

:bulletgreen: My Lullaby sung in The Lion King 2
:bulletgreen: Be Our Guest sung in Beauty and the Beast
:bulletgreen: Gaston sung in Beauty and the Beast
:bulletgreen: I'll Make a Man Out of You sung in Mulan
:bulletgreen: Friends On the Other Side sung in The Princess and the Frog
:bulletgreen: Be Prepared sung in The Lion King

Now get to it! :icongoodjob-plz:
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What if
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It's happened.
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That just doesn't make sense.
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I dunno man, people do odd things.
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I'll Come to that chat room everyday
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pinkythepink Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2016  Professional Artisan Crafter
You press the button!
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Hello everyone! Pleasure to meet you! =)
EdibleShoes Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2016
Edibleshoes was here...with a singular foot... Britney Spears - Barbie Oh my God! ~
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