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Rest your tired feet.

Welcome to the Respite

Your feet are tired, your shoes are worn through the soles, you can feel your ribs against your skin, you can feel mud, water and grime seeping in through your clothes. Through your pores even. You can taste dirt, roots and grass in your mouth and between your teeth. It's been days since you've last seen civilization. Had a conversation with a sentient being.

You are weary. And all you can see is pine, wet grass and darkness. But wait! What's that? The smell of roast? Rays of hope in the distance? The faint sounds of camaraderie?

You dash for it.

You find an old-fashioned but inviting inn in the middle of the darkened misty glen. You see warm lights and jolly shadows in the windows. You hear the music of merriment and bagpipes from it.
You see a a faded signboard painted in green and gold hanging by the door. It reads:
Erinshaw Respite Logo by DukeWaxeye
The door looks old, battered but welcoming, like an old friend willing to let you rest your head on his lap.
You enter.

Welcome! This is the official group of the chatroom.
Erinshaw Respite
Most activities take place inside the chat. We dabble in nearly everything, from general chatting lounge to venting space to RP requests to art sharing.
Sometimes we may even hold out of chat activities like collabs and secret Jack O Lanterns.

To join the group, you should at least have visited the chatroom once.

About the Respite

Music Chamber

Group Info

Are your feet tired? Are you bored silly? Are you feeling a wee bit down and need a shoulder to cry on? Welcome! To the Erinshaw Respite!
Official group of the chatroom, ErinshawRespite!
Super Group
Until Jun 25, 2017

Founded 2 Years ago
May 20, 2015


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The Grand Erinshaw Tale Weaving Tournament #2

(This is for the ErinshawRespite, for all of you who will be seeing this in your inbox and have no idea what I'm talking about!)
We've cooked up a contest for you all to participate in. Short stories!! :la: Because who doesn't love filling their day with awesome tales?

New Thank you everyone who participated! :happybounce: It was such a joy to read all the entries, I hope you'll all participate again in our next tournament!

Bullet; Pink Third place is Vargvast with his entry:
Feather Mistress by Vargvast

Bullet; Pink Second place is our own mod Skriff with his entry:
Rainy Day [TALE WEAVER CONTEST]It was a rainy day like another, except it was way darker than usual. The gloomy atmosphere of the yard was intensified by the tension that had climbed since the events that took place during the night. A farmer had been killed by an unknown resident of the town, and Jenny was the only one who had enough knowledge to solve the case. She was a brown girl with deep blue eyes, and she was one of the most splendid women of all the surroundings. They opened the door of the dormitory, where the crime took place: her appearance was noticed by all the citizens, who started to cackle in admiration. Ignoring these habitual whispers, she walked until she reached the mayor, Daro, a valiant and powerful black guy. Jenny wasn't insensitive to his charm, but she kept it a secret; after all, he was well known for his tendency to have fun with every woman he encountered, and she didn't want to be just a new name on a list. She declared:So, how is the autopsy going ?

Bullet; Pink Our first place winner is THE BEST TALE WEAVER: jackgunski with his entry:
The Chicken's Head
Okay, so a brief update in science: if you hire the world’s foremost expert in transplant surgery, you can graft an animal’s head to a human’s body. I happen to know this because I’ve met him: Dr. Small. Tell us, Dr. Small, what did you manage to do this year?
“Attention, class. I know some rumors have been going on that this lecture would be led by a very interesting guest. I see that word spreads quickly because our class seems to have tripled in size overnight. For those who don’t know, my name is Dr. Richard Small, I’ve been leading this lecture on grafting surgery for thirty years now.”
The audience shifted impatiently in their seats, and the sound of squeaking chairs only highlighted the silence in the room. “Now animating dead bodies has been researched for a long time, but still remains a relic of old horror stories. What I have sought to do is far more difficult. I have matched apples to oranges, and attached a chicken

Clap Wonderful work, all of you, and another thank you to all our participants! Your prizes should be granted to you within the next week or so - if they don't show up please give pinkythepink a note to let her know, we'll get it sorted out!

Original Post:

Your contest is:
  • THEME: "Tis the year of the chicken. Therefore. It must involve a chicken or chickens in some form."
  • Write a short story of a minimum of 750 words (with a maximum of 6,000 words).
  • Original work only! (No fanfiction, please and thanks.)
    • "FanFiction" | NounInformal. Fiction written by fans of a TV series, movie, etc., using existing characters and situations to develop new plots.
  • All genres are welcome, from nonfiction personal stories to scifi extraordinaires.

Start date is January 1st!
End date is February 2nd!
Judging results should be in by Feb 15th!
(Please note all dates are UTC-07:00, Arizona, United States.)

Your judges are:

You'll find the rules rather straight forward:
  • You've gotta be a member of the chat! That means you're out of the itchy burlap guest chair and into a proper class. 
  • You need to be a member of the group because
    • You have to submit your story to the contest folder. [click here]
  • The artist comments for your entry should both mention that you wrote it for this contest and link back to this journal.
  • English, please! Ask other members in the chat for help if you need it.
  • You aren't limited on the amount of submissions, but only one of your stories can win.
    • In other words, you can't win every prize.
    • Your entry should be new, posted on or after January 1st.
    • And if we don't get at least five entries, there's no contest.
  • Mature Tagged deviations are allowed by deviantART rules, but please do not use the '18+ only' tag. 
    • 'Cause everyone should be able to read your story!
    • Familiarize yourself with the Mature Content rules [here].

The prizes are pretty worth it:

  • First Place
    • 6 Month Core Membership (or 2,400 points)
    • Special "Clancian" Class in the #ErinshawRespite
    • Featured in the chat's title as Best Tale Weaver until March 1st.
  • Second Place
    • 3 Month Core Membership (or 1,200 points)
    • Special "Clancian" Class in the #ErinshawRespite
  • Third Place
    • 1 Month Core Membership (or 400 points)
    • Special "Clancian" Class in the #ErinshawRespite
Core Membership / Point prizes provided by pinkythepink, you should receive your prize a few days after the winners are announced. Wanna know more about points? [Click here.]

Basic guidelines:
  • The story is more important than format, grammar, and so on.
    • But please do your best to make it neat and tidy.
  • We are encouraging understandable stories with great imagery.
    • Likewise, we are discouraging the standard high school essay format of "Intro, Item, Support, Conclusion".
  • We used the American SAT grading scale for writing as a base for our own scoring system.
    • Give it a google and a look over if you feel lost.
How to submit a literature deviation instead of a journal:
Please note, these instructions are for the desktop version of the site. I am unable to give you guidance for the mobile app at this time.
  1. At the top of the screen, left-center, hover over the green SUBMIT button.
  2. Click "Submit Art"!
  3. Below the blue Choose a file to upload button, click "Enter text".
  4. Place your story here!
  5. For purposes of the contest, be sure to add that it's for the contest and link back to this journal in the Artist Comments.
  6. Under Select Category click "Literature" and then categorize your submission properly.
    1. For this contest, you'll want to select "Prose", then "Fiction" or "Non-Fiction", and then your genre.

We are all looking forward to reading your tales!

~ Erinshaw Staff & Co. ~
More Journal Entries


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OK, jesus, unblock me from the chat. I regret the fuck out of what I did. I hate that goddamn Disney video with a passion now.
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I can't enter in the chat for some reason. :/
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